Dela Paz Sur Elementary Website Officially Launched with RS Components Assistance
February 9, 2018

Dela Paz Sur Elementary School Receives Assistance for Website Continuity

Cash Mart, a licensed money lender based in Singapore, has provided assistance to Dela Paz Sur Elementary School to keep its website up and running online.

Dela Paz Sur Elementary School is a child-friendly school offering free, equitable and high-quality education to its students.

It has launched its website to give itself a dignified online presence while also encouraging students to discover the benefits of the internet and how it can circulate information to more people with announcements and news.

As a reputable public school in the Philippines, Dela Paz Sur Elementary School goes an extra mile by launching its own website. But it is no secret that a website needs web hosting and domain name registration plans.

Cash Mart provides online support to institutions that represent worthwhile causes. Under Cash Mart’s corporate social responsibility campaigns, public schools can keep their website accessible with readily available maintenance support.

As a fintech company, Cash Mart believes in the importance of education & financial literacy in South East Asia. It favors schools that reach out to students, families, and communities with the use of technology.

Choosing Dela Paz Sur Elementary School is an easy pick as it is known to have administrators, faculty and non-teaching staff who are more than willing to teach students to become more productive, innovative, and responsible Filipino citizens.

Cash Mart is an online lending company offering personal loan in the Philippines while also championing financial literacy. It is the pioneer of flexible payment options which lets the clients choose the best way to settle their credit.

Together with Dela Paz Sur Elementary Schooll, Cash Mart aims to help students learn the value of technology, giving, and generosity. Currently, Cash Mart is working on expanding its corporate social responsibility program to reach more schools in cities and provinces all over the country.